“Racial Neutrality” Is A Myth


“I am calling bullshit on the fact that the same people that are stretching red tape across bureaucratic processes such as child-support modifications, and family reunification, and section 8 vouchers, and long-term affordable housing, and health-care benefits, and expungements are the same people that are drawing white chalk marks around young black bodies. I am calling bullshit on the irrelevance of life, impoverished life, black life, lowborn lives. I will not be your scapegoat, and my brothers and sisters and sons and uncles will not be the kid in your basement. “

Rumpus contributor Melissa Chadburnhas a very powerful essay at Dame Magazine in response to the “Stand Your Ground” law, Jerry Seinfeld’s post-racial America, the cost of privilege, the murders of innocent black youth, and what it means to leave Omelas.

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