Weekly Rumpus Fiction: Ian Bassingthwaighte


The next Weekly Rumpus features fiction from Ian Bassingthwaighte. Here’s an excerpt:

I spend all night thinking about bopping Karen ASAP like that would prove she’s right for me. Then immediately before sunup I sneak out of my cabin with the secret mission of finding hers. I want to ask if she’s also homesick. I hope it’s not just me. That would be a huge disappointment, being the only one.

I plan for the immediate future: if all is quiet on the front porch, and on the lawn, and the Bop Stoppers have convened for a debrief, then I’ll sneak with her into the trees, where we can touch each other. Maybe we’ll get naked and laugh about how stupid in love we are.

Ian Bassingthwaighte’s work has previously appeared in The Southern Review, Tin House, TriQuarterly, and more.

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