Rumpus Weekly Fiction: Rebecca Gummere


The next Weekly Rumpus features fiction from Rebecca Gummere. Here’s an excerpt:

Swing your arms, stretch a little. Keep walking and untie the sweater. Think about how much you hate it, how the shade makes you look like you are recovering from flu. Green was never your color. It amazes you all over again that he did not know that. What a moron. Think about how you wish you’d never met him. Think about how good a bagel and bacon sandwich would be. Regulate your breathing and pick up the pace. Throw that motherfucker of a sweater to the side of the path.

Don’t look back.

Rebecca Gummere lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina where she works for an agency that provides shelter and support services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Her work has appeared in The Gettysburg Review, The Christian Science Monitor, Alimentum, and Crack the Spine. A flash fiction story will appear in the forthcoming anthology, Phantom Manners: Contemporary Southern Gothic Fiction by Women.

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