Exploring San Francisco with Gary Kamiya


This week, San Francisco’s Hattery will host Gary Kamiya, cofounder of Salon.com and author of Cool, Gray City of Love (2013), an exploration of San Francisco from 49 different perspectives. Kamiya divided San Francisco into a grid during his journey uncovering forgotten history and cultural narratives, and he mixes academic research in alongside personal experiences as a cab driver and urban wanderer:

From the shark-haunted islands 28 miles off its coast, and the teeming tenements of Chinatown; from the dreamlike summit of Russian Hill, and the mad depths of the Tenderloin; from the patrician mansions of Nob Hill, and the windswept dunes of Larsen Peak, Kamiya approaches his subject from many perspectives, uncovering the endless views afforded by the unique natural and cultural melange that makes San Francisco so compelling.

Interviewing Kamiya will be Clara Jeffrey, editor of Mother Jones. Rumpus readers can get a discount of 30% off tickets with the code RUMPUS, available through Eventbrite.

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