Weekly Rumpus Fiction: Josiane Curtis


The next Weekly Rumpus features fiction from Josiane Curtis. Here’s an excerpt:

I imagined that sometime down the road, a teenager might appear at my door wanting to know why she smiled crooked or threw her head back when she laughed. I would invite her in.

That I came to terms with the full weight of what I was doing, that it felt good to give such a gift, isn’t to say that it wasn’t emotionally draining. I began to look at the children around me differently, especially the blondes. I wondered, because I would not ever meet the recipients, if three years into the future, I might pass a couple on the street and see my own green eyes looking back at me out of a stroller. In my mind it was always a girl.

Josiane Curtis lives in Portland, Oregon. Her writing has been included in The Rumpus Readers Report, and she is a senior contributor to This Recording (www.thisrecording.com). She studied cultural anthropology and creative writing at UC Santa Cruz. Curtis is currently working on a book of essays.

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