Prevent the Dog from Barking with a Juicy Bone


What is it that you do? What is at stake, and where is your heart? Remember Kafka’s imperial messenger? Are you sitting at the window, dreaming?

Between the broken satellites, below jaundiced clouds pumped fat with sulfate, through the hazy smog of the smokestacks, between the San Francisco and Los Angeles scrapers, in the midst of wars, where the economy is wheezing, when representation is key, somewhere in Berkeley by Strawberry Creek, Dr. Geoffrey Marcy is looking for new planets with conviction.

Casey Dayan is a Rumpus intern and musician. He is finishing up his undergraduate studies in literature and anthropology at the University of California, Santa Cruz where he is working on a memoir and trying to one-up Jeff Buckley. Find his twitter here, @caseydayan. Find his band, “Moo,” here. More from this author →