Weekend Rumpus Roundup


This weekend, Heather Partington reviews Fridays at Enrico’s, Don Carpenter’s posthumous novel about novelists, and Inside Madeleine, a collection of stories by Paula Bomer that takes an unblinking look at femininity. While the former will strike a familiar chord for many Rumpus readers—Carpenter’s book follows a married couple pursuing literary success in the Beat world of 1960’s California—the latter is a “raw,” “sexual,” and “visceral” exploration of women in conflict with themselves and those around them.

And fear not, bibliophiles, there’s more! 2009 National Book Award Winner Let the Great World Spin gets a heartfelt review from its not-so-secret admirer, William Brandon III, in Saturday’s The Last Book I Loved. Meanwhile, Molly Sutton Kiefer whisks us away for a sensory overview of Martha Silano’s poetry collection, Reckless Lovely.

And don’t forget the Sunday Rumpus Interview, where Detroit wordsmith Sean Madigan Hoen talks with Rob Roberge about Songs Only You Know. They discuss the writing process and the 90’s punk scene milieu that appears in his memoir. Hoen explains:

 I needed to see that finish line in order to wring certain essences from the story.

Luckily for us, the checkered flag for this holiday weekend has been pushed back until Tuesday. Enjoy!

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