NYPL Hosts Panel on Amazon


The continuing battle between Amazon and Hachette was the focus of a panel discussion hosted by the New York Public Library last week featuring novelist James Patterson, publisher Morgan Entrekin, literary agent Tina Bennett, and several political theorists. Jason Diamond has a writeup at Flavorwire:

The takeaway from the event was this: the trouble Amazon causes the book industry is but a symptom of a larger and dangerous illness (there’s also the company’s well-documented poor treatment of its employees, for instance) and it leaves you wondering what comes after books. Which industry will have to deal with Amazon trying to get the lowest prices possible to up their own profits? That’s the larger question the publishing industry has to grapple with, and asking other companies outside of the book world will only benefit them.

The event was enough to get Amazon to break its silence with the media—the company claims that delaying shipments of Hachette books will benefit consumers.

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