Honest to a Fault


You probably knew that Lena Dunham wrote a memoir (if you didn’t, she has), but she’d love to remind you why she’s qualified. Meghan Daum elaborates for the New York Times Magazine:

To suggest that Dunham is too young, too privileged, too entitled, too narcissistic, neurotic and provincial (in that rarefied Manhattan-raised way) to be dispensing advice to anyone is to add very little to the ever-expanding, very much already-in-progress conversation about her place in the culture and her overall right to exist. A frequently repeated Dunham quip (which she lent to her “Girls” alter ego in the show’s first season) serves as the ultimate pre-emptive strike against public invective: “Any mean thing someone’s going to think of to say about me I’ve already said to me, about me, probably in the last half-hour.”

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