Support Vela’s Kickstarter to Pay Writers


Vela Magazine is hoping to raise $25,000 to pay its women writers and editors. With less than a week left, they have $7,059 to pry from your gender-netural credit cards.

Why you should donate: 

  • For three years, Vela has addressed the byline gender gap by publishing high-quality, long-form, happiness-inducing nonfiction writing on environment, ethics, family, home, identity, immigration, motherhood, the outdoors, politics, relationships, religion, science, violence, travel culture, and wilderness (essays available straight-up, lyric, or photo).
  • Vela has “held a national nonfiction writing contest, created a master ‘Unlisted List‘ of nonfiction writing by women, initiated a weekly roundup of reviews entitled ‘Women We Read This Week,’ begun a regular column called ‘Bookmarked‘ in which established women writers recommend their favorite work by women,” and has become a 501(3)(c) nonprofit – all without any funding ($0). So, “make it rain on [them],” and most likely Vela will solve gender polarity for all time.
  • Karma.
  • With funding, Vela “can become a more powerful, widely recognized, and important voice in the publishing industry.” Fuck yeah!


Who can donate:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Gender non-conforming individuals
  • The literate
  • Anyone with an Internet connection


If you’re unable to donate because you’re one of those writers who doesn’t get paid and so doesn’t have funds set aside for Kickstarter campaigns, then:

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