Word of the Day: Periculous


(adj.); dangerous or full of peril; from the latin periculum (“an attempt, risk”)

I’m normal. I live in a nice apartment. I think one thing [guys like Burroughs] didn’t have that I have is the Internet. The Internet is the biggest conduit of psychic violence since television.

Blake Butler, in an interview with The Believer

The world is full of peril: disaster and catastrophe seem to be everywhere, be they natural or man-made. The art of being human, perhaps, lies in how gracefully we’re able to navigate in between their shadows. Or, if you’re Blake Butler, the answer may  not necessarily be in finding patches of light, but rather to consume the darkness entirely: read last week’s Believer interview, in which the author discuses his apocalyptic novel, 300,000,000.

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