Books Inspire Better Listicles


Millennials may love their listicles, memes, and Internet kitsch, but they also love books. A new Pew study has shown the Millennials are more likely to read than older generations. And all those books are fodder for less serious content, like spoof rap videos, with books as their muse. Rumpus co-founder and listicles expert Isaac Fitzgerald weighed in at NPR:

Isaac Fitzgerald is the books editor for BuzzFeed, that grand purveyor of listicles for millennials. (Though, he’d like to state for the record that “listicles” and “millennials” are two of his least favorite words.) He says, “We don’t do reviews so much as we want to be your friend who’s like grabbing your sleeve and saying, ‘This is the book that you need to read.'”

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