Word of the Day: Venatic


(adj.); of or relating to hunting; fond of hunting, whether for sport or livelihood; from the Latin venari (“to hunt”)

“Love her or hate her, Banksy is putting herself at the intersection of the street and the art world. Why would anyone expect that position to be occupied by a man?”

—Kriston Capps, “Why Banksy is (probably) a woman”

The modern-day human need not take to the wild and hunt for daily sustenance. But in an age of delivery takeout and Google, where we can beckon with our fingertips everything from greasy pizza to the weather in Shanghai, our predatory impulses take a different form. We hunt knowledge and mystery, and we hunt for answers. This week, Kriston Capps, like so many other self-proclaimed “Banksy hunters,” attempts to track down answers of his own regarding the notorious street artist that none of us knows… and comes to a surprising conclusion.

Sara Menuck is currently pursuing BA in English & Professional Writing at York University, Toronto, without being very professional at all. Having interned with a variety of small press publications, she currently works as a prose reader for The Winter Tangerine Review, a department editorial assistant, and, in her free time, a teacher of music to very small, adorable children. More from this author →