Buy Bishop’s North Haven


If you happen to know a poet with $130,000 burning a hole through his or her pocket, alert them at once: Elizabeth Bishop’s home in Nova Scotia is up for sale. Although Bishop lived there for only a few years, readers will recognize the landscape through its windows in poems throughout her career. The property has been operating as a writer’s retreat for many years; the costs, however, are mounting above what private donors can support, even with matching grants from the Land Conservancy of British Columbia. The community is hopeful that the house’s next iteration will continue to support the creation of new literature, in addition to remaining a spot of pilgrimage for readers of Bishop.

Dinah Fay is a poet, copywriter, and social media maven living in Brooklyn. She is the co-host of the Brick City Speaks reading series in Newark, where she is pursuing an MFA in writing from Rutgers University. More from this author →