Masked Calling


Over at Vice, Eric Nusbaum chronicles the life of Padre Fray Tormenta, Texcoco’s resident addict turned priest turned interim luchador enmascarado:

In theory, a priest wearing a lucha libre mask sounds strange. But in the case of Padre Fray Tormenta, it looks and feels completely normal. Perhaps because he designed the mask himself. “The yellow,” he says, “is for the liveliness that Fray Tormenta must display in the ring. The red is for the blood that Fray Tormenta must spill on behalf of his orphanage.”

Standing before a dozen rows of full pews, the crowd spilling out into the courtyard, the Padre makes a show of removing the mask and folding it ceremoniously. He takes a deep breath, and begins, in a quiet voice, with the liturgy.

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