Treatment as Metaphor


In our daily efforts to stay healthy, to invent solutions for staving off death, have we already put ourselves in treatment for diseases yet to come? Conner Habib writes about his cancer diagnosis over at The Stranger, challenging Susan Sontag’s argument against seeing illness as a metaphor by revealing the ways in which we can’t help but give it meaning:

We reach out to the hand that promises to pull us to shore. The hand is a blade. The blade cuts into our skin, and the harder we cling, the deeper it cuts. But if we don’t hold tight, we’ll never make it out of the water and the waves that are drowning us. If we let go, then what?

Roxie Pell is a student at Wesleyan University, where she writes for Wesleying and The Argus and tweets hilarious nuggets of pure wisdom @jonathnfranzen. More from this author →