Weekend Rumpus Roundup


First, Grant Snider’s “Inferiority Complex” explores the inner recesses of consciousness.

Then, Louise Fabiani reviews Scarlett Johansson’s scary sci-fi film, Under the Skin, which “weasels its way into your reptilian brain from its first baffling frames.” Director Jonathan Glazer does a nice job of getting the audience on Johansson’s side, even as she beckons unwitting men to their deaths. “How Glazer’s alien lures, then offs, her victims is staged beautifully, the minimalism pitch perfect,” Fabiani writes.

Finally, Kate Jenkins ponders the consequences of her decision to be an egg donor in the Sunday Essay. To stave off financial hardship, Jenkins tabulates her assets and finds them lacking. “But listen,” she writes, “young women always have something to sell.” The fertility agency is overjoyed to have her. They assure her that natural redheads are in great demand. At least, Jenkins thinks, this is one way to be remembered.

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