Weekend Rumpus Roundup


First, Grant Snider has some helpful suggestions for forgetful readers.

In the Saturday Essay, Melissa Carroll investigates the surprising cultural phenomenon known as the “brony,” a species of lovable man-child obsessed with the cartoon My Little Pony. Bronies traffic in an unconventional form of masculinity: “Brony culture proves there is plenty of magic in friendships between men,” Carroll asserts. “Our need to spin conspiracies about why men playing together must be wrong is, as my four-year-old self would say, stupid.”

Then, A.G. Posey invites us to range with him across the Montana plains of his youth, accompanied by his cruel uncle Glenn, in search of coyotes. When Posey witnesses Glenn cheating on his aunt Marliss, the distinctive reticence of other family members takes on a new meaning. Secret truths and hidden wounds charge Posey’s hunt for meaning in the Sunday Essay.

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