Word of the Day: Excogitate


(v.); to think out, devise or invent; to study intently in order to fully comprehend; from the Latin ex (“out of”) + co (“together”) + agitare (“to turn over”)

“Many authors dream of a happy ending in which, having delivered their magnum opus, they sit back and enjoy an endless stream of royalties. But these days, writing a book is just a prologue to more work.”

The Economist

We all know writing is a lot of work: from creating memorable characters to devising brilliant plots to crafting the prose itself, an author’s job is difficult enough without additional worries like publicity and marketing. However, as this Schumpeter blog post points out, the publishing world has pushed its way into the age of the “authorpreneur.” The writers’ world has expanded so that we must not only be concerned with authoring a text, but also with authoring ourselves in a sense—as if they didn’t have enough to excogitate about already.

Sara Menuck is currently pursuing BA in English & Professional Writing at York University, Toronto, without being very professional at all. Having interned with a variety of small press publications, she currently works as a prose reader for The Winter Tangerine Review, a department editorial assistant, and, in her free time, a teacher of music to very small, adorable children. More from this author →