Notable NYC: 3/7–3/13


Saturday 3/7: Cynthia Daignault and Joseph Mosconi join the Segue Series. Zinc Bar, 4:30 p.m., free.

Sunday 3/8: Ashley C. Ford, Daniel Jose Older, and Cynthia Cruz launch a new discussion series, The Hustle, that examines how writers work. WORD Brooklyn, 2 p.m., free.

Elissa Schappell and Lynne Tillman celebrate International Women’s Day. Over the Eight, 4 p.m., free.

Kim Lyons, Patricia Spears Jones, and Laynie Browne celebrate International Women’s Day with Belladonna. McNally Jackson, 7 p.m., free.

Michael Morse, Tod Marshall, and Emily Wilson read from their new collections of poetry. BookCourt, 7 p.m., free.

Bridgette Bates and Sara Deniz Akant read from What is Not Missing Is the Light. Mellow Pages Library, 6 p.m., free.

Monday 3/9: Lev Grossman, James Hannaham, Matt Sumell, Sarah Gerard, Jim Ruland, and Michele Filgate join the Franklin Park Reading Series for the series’s sixth anniversary. Grossman’s The Magicians follows magicians in New York City. Gerard’s Binary Star is about a woman struggling with anorexia. Franklin Park, 8 p.m., free.

Tuesday 3/10: Shelley Ettinger reads from her new novel, Vera’s Will, about losing everything that is important. Bluestockings, 7 p.m., free.

Kent Russell launches his memoir, I am Sorry to Think I Have Raised a Timid Son, with Karen Russell. Powerhouse Books, 7 p.m., free.

Richard Price reads The Whites. 192 Books, 7 p.m., free.

Mark Adams reads Meet Me in Atlantis: My Obsessive Quest to Find the Sunken City. WORD Brooklyn, 7 p.m., free.

Paul Beatty discusses The Sellout with Lorin Stein. McNally Jackson, 7 p.m., free.

Eddie Joyce launches his debut novel Small Mercies. BookCourt, 7 p.m., free.

George Hodgman launches his memoir Bettyville. B&N 82nd Street, 7 p.m., free.

Joakim Zander reads The Swimmer. Scandinavia House, 6:30 p.m., free.

Wednesday 3/11: Paul Beatty and Sam Lipsyte discuss The Sellout, Beatty’s newest novel. Greenlight Bookstore, 7:30 p.m., free.

Colson Whitehead reads The Noble Hustle in celebration of the paperback release. McNally Jackson, 7 p.m., free.

George Hodgman reads Bettyville. BookCourt, 7 p.m., free.

Juliana Wang, Eric Nelson, Raquel Gutiérrez, and Wayne Koestenbaum join Atlas XXVI, the latest reading from the Atlas Review. 61 Local, 7 p.m., free.

Thursday 3/12: Joakim Zander talks about The Swimmer with Chris Pavone. The debut novel follows an EU Parliament employee across the continent. McNally Jackson, 7 p.m., free.

Victoria Cho, Deborah Clearman, Susan Fedynak, Debra Kirschner, Matt Matros, Melody Nixon, Jen Weitsen, and Avra Wing join the NY Writers Coalition Series. BookCourt, 7 p.m., free.

Norman Manea talks about Captives with Edward Hirsch. Community Bookstore, 7 p.m., free.

Laura van den Berg and Kate Axelrod join Pete’s Reading Series. Pete’s Candy Store, 7 p.m.

Vanessa Haroutunian joins the My Teenage Dream Ended series. Over the Eight, 8 p.m., free.

Friday 3/13: Sarah Blake reads Mr. West, an exploration of our relationships with the media, pregnancy, and Kanye West. BookCourt, 7:30 p.m., free.

Gordon Hall, Max Steele, and Buzz Slutzky join the Multifarious Array series. Pete’s Candy Store, 7 p.m., free.

Lizzie Harris, Nick Flynn, R. Erica Doyle, and Charif Shanahan celebrate Empire, a new limb of Phantom Limb Press. Art Cafe, 7:30 p.m., free.

Ian MacAllen is the author of RED SAUCE: HOW ITALIAN FOOD BECAME AMERICAN (April 2022, Rowman & Littlefield). His writing has appeared in Chicago Review of Books, Southern Review of Books, The Offing, 45th Parallel Magazine, Little Fiction, Vol 1. Brooklyn, and elsewhere. He tweets @IanMacAllen and is online at More from this author →