Word of the Day: Refection


(n.); nourishment; refreshment by food or drink; a meal, especially a light one; refreshment of the mind, spirit or body

A cognitive scientist and a German philosopher walk in the woods and come across a tree in bloom: What does each one see? And why does it matter?

–Lawrence Berger, from “Being There: Heidegger On Why Our Presence Matters.”

Though Berger freely admits the opening line of his essay sounds like the beginning of a bad academic joke, he assuages any fears the reader may have by smoothly moving into a fantastic exploration of human consciousness. His expansive essay covers everything from the itch in his pant leg to the legitimacy of sensory experience in language edging on poetic. His writing, both in its style and content, is refreshing to read, a refection marrying hard science with the softness of experience.

Sara Menuck is currently pursuing BA in English & Professional Writing at York University, Toronto, without being very professional at all. Having interned with a variety of small press publications, she currently works as a prose reader for The Winter Tangerine Review, a department editorial assistant, and, in her free time, a teacher of music to very small, adorable children. More from this author →