Noodling about with Narratives


The introduction to Martin Solares’s How to Draw a Novel, currently in the process of English translation, takes on a cheerfully animated life of its own at LitHub. Solares discusses ways to visualize various novels, charting plots and digressions to understand essential structures. The web version, interspersed with simple GIFs, gives a satisfying motion to the essay’s metaphors, which illustrate how Don Quixote is like an elephant, Bolaño’s 2666 resembles five peas in a pod, and Borges is nothing less than a whirlpool of whirlpools.

Dinah Fay is a poet, copywriter, and social media maven living in Brooklyn. She is the co-host of the Brick City Speaks reading series in Newark, where she is pursuing an MFA in writing from Rutgers University. More from this author →