National Poetry Month Day 27: “Scientific” by Marisa Siegel



A pond / reflecting / koi swimming slipping through strands / of refraction. Cue shadow and its companion. The pathology justifies nothing / the disease has created. The sound of a ceiling fan making circles. The way it begged / a porch to stand and / turn and approach. A daisy chain of street signs and corners not contiguous. Children in a park / a schoolyard / a lawn making circles, a curbed conversation. A laugh an echo shaking a hallway / a sliding between / a tear dropping down inevitably. In so much as there was a remark / an obscured doorway. Contagious memory / diagnosis correct or, asymptomatic and unresolving. Predetermined lines and causality.


Marisa Siegel currently lives and writes near NYC but thinks twenty times a day about heading back west. Poems have appeared in print journals Handsome and Zaum, and online at Idiolexicon, Foam:e, There, and MyNameIsMud.

Original poetry published by The Rumpus. More from this author →