Weekend Rumpus Roundup


First, Brandon Hicks finds the essence of military conflict in his comic, “War.”

Then, Arielle Bernstein talks to self-proclaimed “anti-racist feminist” Tamara Winfrey-Harris in the Saturday Interview. Winfrey-Harris’s blog, What Tami Said, provides some of the material for an essay collection due out this July. Racism and sexism are big problems in society, but Winfrey-Harris says: “We may not be able to change what everyone else thinks, but damn it, we can refuse to embrace those things ourselves!”

Meanwhile, in the Sunday Interview, Karen Halvorsen Schrek talks to novelist and memoirist Jillian Lauren. Lauren discusses her writing process, her surreal experience as a teenage concubine for the Prince of Brunei, and her role as a mother. One of the best things about parenting, she suggests, is that:

“We get to re-parent ourselves… [it] teaches me every day how to be compassionate—and how to be a parent, not just to [my son], but to myself.”

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