Spotlight: Peter Witte’s “Bacon, Egg, & Oats”


“Bacon, Egg, & Oats” explores how eating bacon involves the killing of a sentient being. Peter Witte is unsure whether the killing of a sentient being is problematic, but he wishes that bacon, one of his favorite foods, could exist without all the suffering.


Bacon, Egg, & Oats_1

Bacon, Egg, & Oats_2

Bacon, Egg, & Oats_3

Bacon, Egg, & Oats_4

Bacon, Egg, & Oats_5

Bacon, Egg, & Oats_6

 Bacon, Egg, & Oats_7

Peter Witte is a visual artist and writer. A native of Illinois, he now lives in College Park, Maryland with his family. His work has been featured in numerous literary journals. Visit his website More from this author →