Tour Update: Jessica Pratt


Jessica Pratt has been touring nearly nonstop since the release of her second album, On Your Own Love Again (Drag City); earlier this month the label announced her tour would be extending, sending Pratt back to Europe after she completes her North America dates in August. Basically, think of this as a wake-up call: if you missed her on the first wave, and you live in the Northeast or Midwest, or maybe Canada or Oregon, you’ve got another chance. Same goes for you, Europe. Pratt has been praised for her “gorgeously thick unruly rainbows of vocal harmony,” befuddled at least one critic into calling her a potential “songwriting genius,” and earned a pretty hefty Dylan parallel: “Fifty years after Dylan sang pop’s greatest ‘don’t look back’ moment, Jessica Pratt offers an even more emphatic ‘can’t go back,’ but she belongs to no one.” See the full list of remaining tour dates via Rough Trade, and watch a performance and brief interview Pratt gave earlier this year.

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