To Talk To a Mockingbird


In 1978, while writing Gregory Peck’s biography, Michael Freedman had the privilege of talking on the phone with Harper Lee, resulting in possibly the only interview the author ever gave. Now, he writes about their conversation over at the Guardian:

I remember very well how the rendezvous was arranged. We were sitting in his big rustic kitchen, in Holmby Hills, which was a lot more fashionable than Beverly Hills down the road. In the days before mobiles, the kitchen was the most convenient place to pick up a phone. He dialled the number and, all these years later, I remember his side of the conversation almost word for word. “Now Harper,” he said. “I want you to meet this nice young man. From England. You won’t let him down, will you?” From what I heard, she said. “Of course, I won’t Greg.” It was father and daughter time.

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