Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty


I never recoiled, in that first season, to hear the nice people on the bus say “beautiful baby,” to us in reverent tones. It’s a thanksgiving for safe passage, a prayer for all new defenseless things. But after a few months have passed … faint suggestions of the adult visage emerge. … And if you have a girl, the specter of beauty, or the looking-for-it, begins to hover.

Over at The MillionsLydia Kiesling takes a true look at beauty. In the process, she explores different concepts of beauty across the literary spectrum, including wonderful works by Jeffrey Eugenides, Margaret Atwood, Zadie Smith, Elaine Scarry, Edith Wharton, and others.

Stephanie Bento is a writer, classical cellist, and photographer living in Washington, DC. In her writing, she is interested in exploring the musicality of sound and form, and our connection to time and place. Find out more about her creative work at, or say hello/bonjour on Twitter @saudadebelle. More from this author →