This Week in Indie Bookstores


A new wall mural has been installed in Los Angeles’s The Last Bookstore to coincide with a new rare books section.

Bookstores in train stations and airports are seeing sales rise as they begin acting more like traditional independent bookstores and less like chains, offering personalized recommendations from booksellers and stocking lesser known literary fiction.

Operating in the shadow of behemoth Amazon has only made Seattle area bookstores stronger.

San Francisco is très populaire with the French lately. Not one, but two Bay Area bookstores have been exported to Paris.

Meanwhile, Toronto is finally getting a French-language bookstore with a branch of La Librairie du Quartier from Quebec City planning to open.

A turtle lives in Lakewood, Colorado bookstore Talking Books Plus where customers are welcome to bring their pets when shopping at the store.

The New Yorker looks at Brazenhead Books, a once secret bookstore housed in an apartment that has since closed.

Manhattan’s Revolution Books is moving from Chelsea to Harlem in search of lower rents, while St. Mark’s Bookstore, which moved last year for the same reason, now needs an investor to keep going.

In New Delhi, India, 30-year-old Fact & Fiction is shutting down after a change in the Delhi Rent Control Act.

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