To All the Novels that Will Never Be Published


There are the sparkling debut novels that become runaway successes; those are few and far between. Then there are the clumsy first novels that get published—good, but primarily a raw first effort on a long and torturous path to becoming a mature writer. Then there are the novels that get shelved away, waiting to be revised and later published. But what about the novels that get written and abandoned entirely? Over at Lit Hub, Christopher Robinson and Gavin Kovite reflect on their experiences writing a novel they realize, now, is not a work they want to see published and talk with other writers, like Edan Lepucki and Anthony Doerr, who’ve had similar experiences.

Victor Luo is a graduate of UC Davis's MA in Creative Writing program specializing in fiction. He lives in Los Angeles where he loves never having to be cold. More from this author →