Yearbook #3: Sarah Gerard


Yearbook #3 features Sarah Gerard, author of Binary Star, a quick book of vortex-like prose, a stripped and staccato telling of a road trip of an anorexic young woman and her bi-polar, alcoholic boyfriend. The two burn across the country as the narrator notices everything and is so in the moment she’s out of it.

In our conversation, Gerard shares the process of writing her novel in a matter of weeks in a trailer, getting stoned and going her ten-year high school reunion, and what it was like attending magnet schools in the south side of St. Petersburg, Florida, a town where it’s not uncommon to later come across your ex-boyfriends DUI mug shots on the internet. Scroll on down as she talks about growing up.


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Luke Wiget is a writer and musician who lives in Nashville, TN. His writing has appeared in BOMB, The Millions, Smokelong Quarterly, Green Mountains Review, among others. He co-curates and hosts drDOCTOR, a podcast and reading series. Find Luke on Twitter @godsteethandme. More from this author →