Gawker’s Problem with Women


Gawker has been failing its female employees. Gawker may pay its writers, but as Evans found out after staffers voted to unionize, Gawker doesn’t pay its writers equally:

The union effort prompted my discovery of an egregious pay discrepancy, which I brought up with male writers and editors to their either mild interest or argumentative dismissal. At one point I was advised by a male superior —a man I like and consider a friend, and who is both progressive and feminist — to not “dick-measure over salary” when I became aware of distinct difference in pay among writers with equivalent jobs.

It may not just be Gawker staff writers who find themselves mistreated. The female subjects of Gawker’s stories are also mistreated, writes Christina Cauterucci over at Slate.

Several notable female writers were recently laid off as Gawker prepares to retool as a political website. Gawker’s previous political website, Wonkette, was sold in 2008, with Nick Denton writing “someone else will have better luck selling the advertising than we did.”

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