This Week in Indie Bookstores


Bookstores in Mumbai, India are losing customers from institutional sales as large buyers turn directly to suppliers, and though 700 existing retailers exist in the city, the last few years have no seen new stores open.

A Syrian couple has opened an Arabic-language bookstore in Istanbul hoping to change cultural perceptions.

The Occidental Weekly offers a primer for the many bookstores of East LA.

The Baby Boomer generation remains critical to the success of independent bookstores, a concept the generation virtually invented.

A new Eslite Bookstore, a Taiwan-based company, has opened a shop in mainland China, but the store is more than just a place to buy books: it’s the center of a complex that includes housing.

Barnes & Noble will save itself by selling more than just books including toys, games, gadgets, and other gift items and turning the store into a lifestyle brand.

Amazon’s first physical retail store has no prices, instead requiring customers to download an app or use a barcode scanner.

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