Unicorns, Black Holes, and Monsters


Rumpus illustrator A.D. Puchalski has two new comics available for purchase! The first, Sword of Fray, is a fun action-adventure romp about a unicorn who’s the embodiment of a black hole, an evisceration-happy cat, and a “poor sucker.” The second, Restless, is the ongoing tale of an eleven-year-old girl who can’t believe Halloween is cancelled, and goes out trick-or-treating anyway. Instead of candy, she finds real monsters, and antics ensue.

Both comics are full of humor and charm, and they’re reasonably priced, too—$2 for Sword of Fray, and $4 for Restless—making them perfect anti-Christmas gifts.

Kelly Lynn Thomas reads, writes, and sometimes sews in Pittsburgh, PA. Her creative work has appeared in Sou’wester, Thin Air Magazine, Heavy Feather Review, metazen, and others, and she received her MFA in Creative Writing from Chatham University. She is hopelessly obsessed with Star Wars and can always be found with a large mug of tea. She also runs the very small Wild Age Press. Read more at kellylynnthomas.com. More from this author →