Year in Review


At The Morning News, prominent writers and thinkers discuss what they believe to be the most and least important events of the year. For example, Jazmine Hughes, associate digital editor of the New York Times Magazine, says:

“The best and worst parts of this year are intricately related, two threads of 2015’s now-tattered pall. The past 12 months have spewed a deluge of bullshit—political and personal, domestic and international, internet-based and IR—but out of the wreckage has bloomed a potent practice of accountability. The world didn’t get any better in 2015 (Saint West was born far too late in the year to tell), but it also didn’t get any worse…”

Olivia Wetzel is a student taking time off to live and work in San Francisco. If she could be any animal, she’d be a penguin. She’s never eaten pepperoni before, and one of her feet is a whole size bigger than the other. More from this author →