Living the Frugal Writer’s Life


Over at Lit Hub, Sunil Yapa shares some guidelines on living cheaply as an up-and-coming writer. High up on his list: living outside of the United States:

I believe at some point all writing roads pass through New York but you don’t need to live in New York City to be a writer. In fact, it’s probably a good idea when you’re starting out to avoid the city altogether. You only really need to live in NYC if you want to be in publishing. But writing and working in the publishing industry, while not mutually exclusive, are most definitely not the same thing. One requires a sharp mind, creativity, and the ability to work brutally long hours. The other is about writing down a bunch of made-up stuff.

Victor Luo is a graduate of UC Davis's MA in Creative Writing program specializing in fiction. He lives in Los Angeles where he loves never having to be cold. More from this author →