He Never Sleeps, The Judge


In the wake of Justice Antonin Scalia’s passing, many online commenters have critically examined his record of pro-choice and anti-LGBTQ positions in pivotal Supreme Court cases. Others have examined his penchant for colorful, literary language in court opinions: jiggery-pokery, argle-bargle, etc. At The New York Times, the author of a 2003 close-reading of Scalia’s prose revisits Nino’s stylistic tics:

“It’s hard to pick a favorite. But in his dissent on the Obamacare decision, the phrase ‘pure applesauce’ stood out. It’s safe to guess that that phrase has never occurred in a Supreme Court decision that doesn’t involve actual applesauce.”

Adam Keller is a Wesleyan graduate currently based in Oakland, California. He's a founding editor of REELYDOPE and used to write for The Argus. More from this author →