Police Boycott Beyoncé’s Formation Tour


In a bid to epically miss the point, select police unions are protesting Beyoncé’s “Formation” video and Super Bowl performance due to the artist’s use of imagery comments on police brutality. The Tampa Police Benevolent Association has issued a statement encouraging all union members to boycott the purchase of Beyoncé music and concert tickets, stating:

The Tampa PBA is disgusted with Beyonce’s performance on the night of the Super Bowl and equally disgusted with her new video “Formation.” The PBA does not support any artist who spreads an anti-police message.

Likewise, the Nashville Fraternal Order of Police is encouraging its members not to volunteer to provide security for Beyoncé’s upcoming performances. Nashville’s statement upped the ante of the absurd, invoking the all-powerful symbol of not getting it that is “all lives matter”: “We’ve been under attack for the past eight, 10, 12 months,” Sgt. Danny Hale of the Nashville Fraternal Order of Police said. “Some things that are done and said are just not fair, and it’s not right. All lives matter, including law enforcement officers and citizens, no matter their race.”

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