The Rave Story


To mark the launch The Rave Story, an exhibit at London’s Club Aquarium showcasing art and memorabilia surrounding the UK rave scene of the 80s and 90s, Dazed Digital has published its own chronicle of rave history. The article locates rave’s cultural resonance in a revolutionary inclusivity:

The creation of the rave scene was the social revolution that began to break race and class boundaries in Britain. For Bunter and others from working-class backgrounds, “at school we were told: you work hard, then you work hard for someone else and this is your life now. Going out, getting pissed, getting into fights. That’s what surrounded us. But we didn’t want to go to the pub and get pissed, we didn’t want to be told we have to slave away for someone else and get very little pay at the end of it.”

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