Hello, My Name Is Doris


It’s a popular yet strenuous question: What are you doing this weekend? For once I have an easy answer. As a Showalter superfan (of filmmaker Michael Showalter and leading feminist literary critic Elaine Showalter), I’ll be front row for Hello, My Name Is Doris when it opens in NYC and LA today.

The synopsis: Sally Field stars as an oddball alongside sexy Jew Max Greenfield and many other recognizable actors. Won’t you see it? Especially opening weekend because (protip) opening weekend results count for everything. Think of it as a political act to support a narrative-based movie starring a woman who is funny and complex and over twenty-five. Co-written by Laura Terruso and M. Showalter (who also directs).

Things to know about the movie based on the delightful trailer:
Sally Field wears glasses on top of glasses.
“Lilith Comeswell” is suggested as a possible pseudonym for a fake Facebook profile.
There’s dancing like nobody’s watching.
There’s female friendship.
There’s a LGBT knitting circle.
Based on the conversation about duck sauce, this movie passes the Bechdel Test.

People to ask to see it with you:
Tinder/Hinge/Bumble/Grindr/J-Swipe matches
Yourself because you deserve it (see: how to be alone)

The details:
In NYC see it at The Angelika or Lincoln Square Cinema.
In LA see it at the Hollywood Arclight or Landmark Theaters in Santa Monica.

(I’m told all locations have popcorn and candy, though no confirmation on the Icee situation.)

Elissa Bassist edits the Funny Women column. She teaches humor writing at The New School and Catapult. Follow her on Twitter, and visit elissabassist.com for more literary, feminist, and personal criticism. More from this author →