Introducing Reductress’s Mouth Time!


“Just two girls sharing what our heads are thinking by moving our mouths.”

The editors of beloved and renowned women’s site Reductress have launched a podcast aptly named Mouth Time! with hosts Quenn (Nicole Silverberg) and Div (Anna Drezen) and guest heroine Chelsea Clarke.

In the inaugural mouth-off, you’ll hear about:

  • “Get It Week” (briefly: “Celebrating girls who are getting it… how they get it, why they’re going to get it, who they’re get it with, and also what is ‘getting,’ and what is ‘it.'”)
  • What a couple did for their dying dog
  • The act of smelling men’s T-shirts
  • Plus, there’s a visit from a psychic nutritionist who’ll give a food reading.

Future guests include Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and “Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury“), Bowen Yang (Broad City), and Rachel Wenitsky (Pop Roulette).

Mouth Time

Reductress, as anybody who’s anybody knows, is “The only source for women’s style, news, entertainment, life advice, inspiration, and pictures,” and features such readable content as “5 Footnotes from Infinite Jest That Will Get Him Rock Hard.”

And! Just to spoil you because you’re worth it—tonight, in Brooklyn, don’t miss Reductress Presents: The St. Patrick’s Day Wellness Retreat at The Bell House. “Rejuvenate, revitalize, revitalize, reproduce—whatever feels good!” with guests:

Michelle Buteau (Comedy Central)
Michelle Wolf (Late Night with Seth Meyers)
Julio Torres (Comedy Central)
Lane Moore (Tinder Live, Cosmo)
Mandy Stadtmiller (xoJane, News Whore)
Akilah Hughes (Akilah Obviously)
Jen Spyra (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Onion)
Sudi Green (SNL)
and Pop Roulette (Comedy Central)

Hosted by Mouth Time!‘s Div, Anna Drezen. Hug you there.


Listen to Mouth Time! on iTunes  or Soundcloud and don’t forget to subscribe.

Elissa Bassist edits the Funny Women column. She teaches humor writing at The New School and Catapult. Follow her on Twitter, and visit for more literary, feminist, and personal criticism. More from this author →