No Time Like Now


At 87 years old, filmmaker and countercultural icon Alejandro Jodorowsky continues to make art at an intimidating pace. He spoke with Anthony Paletta at The Awl about, among other things, his upcoming film Endless Poetry and the three additional films he’s got in the pipeline:

I make a series of pictures. There was The Dance of Reality and this is Endless Poetry. I will make Poésie Sans Fin in Paris—all my relations with panic and surrealism and mime and things like that. I will make number four in Mexico. And if I am alive, number five will be my love history with my wife. Because I met her when I was seventy-four and now eleven years we are together. She has forty-five years less than me, and then I will die. She will be a widow for forty-five years and we want to tell that history—how you can love when you know you will die before?

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