National Poetry Month Day 30: Sophie Klahr



which codes the luminous tree at your gate
which broad night renders its own wild leap

and to name the record of that as MEMOIR, i.e.
exemption from certainty,

spilt onto the belly
whose girth is a path through the dunes

this is allowed as is, as is
__losing the name of the organ you lost to necessity

the small pinging sadness of that:
you, veiled so deeply in each poem

that for a moment, I forget the truth of your body


the blast radius
the dearth of guilt

the cipher that shifts
from line to line

after a threat, a wait; leaving
separately from any crowd who knows us;

morality a thing to be caught
and no man born with it


form of doubles, of squinting, of lifting the dress;

the skittering of years

one woman melted
down from two

repeat: your crooked teeth / a pattern of birds
as doubt, the chatter under our time

the mistake of strangers believing me
your wife


as I remember it / all this is true


-Sophie Klahr


Sophie Klahr’s first full-length collection, Meet Me Here At Dawn, is forthcoming from YesYes Books (2016). She lives in Los Angeles.

Original poetry published by The Rumpus. More from this author →