Spotlight: “Nuts: A True Story” by Peter Witte


Two events inspired “Nuts: A True Story.” The first happened years ago. I was rushing through a busy train station when I tripped, fell, and took a nosedive, landing belly down. For a moment I laid there, semi-embarrassed, in pain. In my peripheral vision I could see feet wandering by. I picked myself up and limped to my destination. I don’t know why nobody asked if I was all right. Maybe no one saw the fall or noticed me on the ground. It’s more likely, though, that someone saw everything and felt sympathy that, in the moment, they just didn’t communicate. The second event happened recently and is more or less depicted here. I wish I had known a way of expressing sympathy to the squirrel. This piece is the best I could do, even if it is after the fact.


Nuts_A True Story_1

Nuts_A True Story_2

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Peter Witte is a visual artist and writer. A native of Illinois, he now lives in College Park, Maryland with his family. His work has been featured in numerous literary journals. Visit his website More from this author →