Weekend Rumpus Roundup


Poet Kamden Hilliard is the subject of this week’s Saturday Interview. Jellyfish Magazine editor Gale Thompson talks to Hilliard about sexual violence, the “colonized” body, and his love for James Baldwin. Hilliard’s chapbook, Distress Tolerance, looks at these ideas closely. He argues that “survival is not always cute, politically responsible, mature, or sober. Survival is ramshackle, as is tolerance.”

And in the Sunday Essay, Eiren Caffall writes about the devastating loss of her father when she was twenty-nine, the unlikely support group that formed around her, and the grueling mourning process that followed. Caffall inherits her father’s Saab, which becomes a symbol of her memories of him:

It was like he’d curled me inside his big coat, against the heat of his body on a winter day, cigarette smoke and the smell of his beard and the little tang of alcohol sweat on his skin. I’d drive out of my way by hours, drive everywhere, to be close to the smell lingering in that car.

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