Spotlight: Lorenzo Fonda’s “Yo Solve Cuba”


In August 2015 I took a trip with my parents to Cuba. I didn’t really feel like doing the traditional tourist thing of snapping pictures at everything that attracted my attention, which can be dangerously easy and inadvertently condescending. I decided to keep an illustrated journal, so that the effort in recording memories would hopefully be a bit more respectful to the struggle Cuban people are still enduring. Jotting down experiences in comics form is also a way for me to assimilate and process them through my own life-filter, so that I somehow make them mine in a way that I couldn’t make through any other medium.












Lorenzo Fonda is a filmmaker and artist working in multiple disciplines such as film, animation, illustration, comics, installations, murals, photography, writing, and others. He spent the first quarter of his life in Italy, where he taught himself the craft of film, illustration and skateboarding. After a 1-year fellowship in FABRICA's video department he got representation as a director and started helming commercials, in collaboration with international advertising agencies. He also embarked on his first feature film project, the documentary Megunica, which went on to win multiple awards at festivals all over the world. His new feature documentary is titled Archaeology of the Future, which is about a skateboarding session on the biggest sculpture in the world. He has lived in LA and now NYC, from where he takes planes to go do things in other places around the world. Visit his website here. Purchase Yo Solve Cuba here. More from this author →