Anohni on the Election


Anohni has established a reputation for political commentary throughout her career, and more recently with songs like “Drone Bomb Me” off of her most recent album, HOPELESSNESS. Now she’s turned her unremitting gaze to the primary election’s exploitation of trans rights as a divisive rallying call:

Did you all get the memo? This election cycle in the USA is not about ecocide, the dying oceans and the extermination of biodiversity, grotesque income disparity, corporate sovereignty and US war crimes that have played a big part in the destabilization and radicalization of the Middle East! No, it is about transgendered bathroom access… The democrats masticate over the aura of fake liberalism that trans sympathy might bring them. The republicans glory in the opportunity to convince poor ignorant bigots to vote for banks and corporations because they are scared of seeing a trans person in the bathroom at Target.

Liz Wood is a freelance editor, fiction writer, and current student in the NYU MFA program. More from this author →