This Week in Indie Bookstores


One of the missing Hong Kong booksellers has been returned, and gave a speech warning about the power of China’s central government and the waning independence of Hong Kong.

Tiny, the cat that lives in Brooklyn’s Community Bookstore, had a big adventure in the city—he disappeared, causing panic among the store’s employees, before deciding to return. Cats, right?

Portland, Oregon is a book-loving city and that might explain why Amazon’s third physical bookstore will be popping up there to compete with indie giant Powell’s and other local favorites.

Trouble finding love? These couples went into a bookstore and came out with their spouses.

A Parisian bookstore has eliminated all the books. Les Puf now uses print-on-demand technology to fill customer orders.

Volunteers help keep books flowing through a Fairbanks, Alaska bookstore operated by the Literacy Council of Alaska.

If a town doesn’t have a bookstore, is it even really a town?

A bookstore in Hyderabad, India has decided modernize offering books online—and finally start sorting the books by the languages they are printed in.

Looking for an independent bookstore in New York City? Gothamist has a run down.

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