Lover as Audience, Twitter as Community


At Electric Literature, poet and critic K. Thomas Khan walks through the unraveling of a relationship, deliberate isolation from online life, and the questions both raise in a lyrical, longform piece that pushes and pulls at the concepts of personal and professional connection. In-between 3 a.m. fights and fortune teller visits and literally and metaphorically going out of his skin, he wrestles with the idea of being recognized:

I’m not sure which is worse: the fact that I require a lover to read or at least try to comprehend me, or that I have been asking him to take on the role of audience or community on which I have willing turned my back? Is it wrong of me to desire what I have relinquished? Is it asking too much that the man with whom I sleep, the man who fucks me every night, the man whose skin has somehow tainted mine… is it so wrong that I want this man to be able to consume me, to know all the rancid depths in me?

Rosamund Lannin reads and writes in Chicago. When not hosting lady live lit show Miss Spoken and editing Story Club Magazine, she writes for Extra Crispy, HelloGiggles, and everywhere else pancakes and essays intersect. Daily dispatches @rosamundlannin. More from this author →