Next Letter for Kids: John Green


We’re sending our next Letter for Kids from John Green! John writes to us about how his love of drawing comics as a kid led to his working at Disney and continuing to create his own comics as an adult. He’s spends pretty much every waking moment on comics, and he LOVES it! Subscribe by October 14 to receive John’s letter.

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John Green majored in Graphic Design at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan where he met Dave Roman. They soon formed Cryptic Press, the company they publish their comics Quicken Forbidden and Teen Boat through. Shortly after graduating he became the Comics Consultant at Disney Adventures Magazine. In addition to handling layout and production of the comics that appeared in Disney Adventures, he wrote, colored, and lettered a number of them. Other comic work includes layout and production of graphic novels for Scholastic and First Second Books. He’s also done a lot of work in the video game industry, from writing narratives for virtual worlds, designing multiplayer mini-games, to doing background art and animation. Teen Boat has since been collected into two volumes from Clarion Books, and his latest graphic novel is Hippopotamister—his first as both writer and artist—from First Second Books. You can see what John’s up to at Facebook or Twitter, or possibly even his old blog here.